Monographs Details: Leucolejeunea
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. & Millspaugh, Charles F. 1920. The Bahama Flora.
Scientific Name:Leucolejeunea
Description:Description - Plants medium-sized to large, pale green or glaucous, neither glossy nor pigmented, prostrate, copiously branched, the branches as in Eadula. Leaves imbricated, complicate-bilobed, the dorsal lobes not squarrose when moist, ovate-oblong to suborbicular, convex and often revolute along the lower margin and in the region of the rounded apex, entire or nearly so; lobule inflated throughout, the margin more or less involute, entire except for the single blunt to acuminate apical tooth with the hyaline papilla at the distal base; leafcells with small trigones. Underleaves orbicular to reniform, undivided. Antheridia borne in pairs in the axils of saccate bracts, the androecia short, not proliferating; bracteoles restricted to the base. Female inflorescence borne on a branch variable in length, innovating on one or both sides; bracts with plane lobules, otherwise similar to the leaves. Perianth five-keeled, scarcely compressed, the keels smooth or obscurely crenulate or denticulate, rarely with indistinct wings. [Greek, white Lejeunea.] A small genus, consisting of about 6 species, of tropical and temperate regions. Type species: L. clypeata (Schwein.) Evans.