Monographs Details: Lopholejeunea
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. & Millspaugh, Charles F. 1920. The Bahama Flora.
Scientific Name:Lopholejeunea
Description:Description - Plants prostrate, usually dark brown or almost black, rarely olive green, often glossy, medium-sized, irregularly branched, the branches as in Badula. Leaves complicate-bilobed, the dorsal lobe not squarrose when moist, often revolute at the rounded or bluntly pointed apex, entire except in the vicinity of the female inflorescence ; lobule inflated along the keel, the margin not involute, the apical tooth usually represented by a blunt, slightly projecting cell, with the hyaline papilla near its proximal base; leaf-cells with distinct trigones or apparently uniformly thickened. Vnderleaves plane, orbicular to reniform, undivided. Antheridia borne in pairs in the axils of saccate bracts, the androceia more or less elongated, with the bracteoles everywhere present. Female inflorescence borne on a more or less elongated branch, without subfloral innovations; bracts more or less strongly toothed, the lobule much smaller than the lobe and sometimes reduced to a minute basal tooth; bracteole usually undivided but sometimes toothed. Perianth strongly compressed with two sharp ventral keels, the keels with toothed or laciniate wings. [Greek, crested Lejeunea.] About 70 species, mostly tropical. Type species: L. Sagracana (Mont.) Schiffn.