Monographs Details: Justicia filibracteolata var. aurantiaca Leonard
Authority: Leonard, Emery C. 1958. The Acanthaceae of Colombia, III. Contr. U. S. Natl. Herb. 31: 323-781.
Description:Latin Diagnosis - Suffrutex, caulibus subquadrangularibus, pilosis, pilis brunneis, plus minusve bifariam dispositis; lamina foliorum plus minusve dense pilosis; corolla aurantiaca.

Description - Suffrutescent; stems subquadrangular, these and the rachises rather densely pilose, the hairs brownish, up to 2 mm. long, more or less disposed in two rows; leaf blades oblong-lanceolate, up to 17 cm. long and 6 cm. wide, acute or short-acuminate, narrowed at base and decurrent on the petiole, both surfaces pilose, the younger leaves densely so, the hairs brownish, up to 1.5 mm. long, subappressed to spreading; petioles about 1 cm. long, pilose at least above; bracts and calm segments conspicuously ciliate, the hairs up to 0.75 mm. long, mostly spreading, brownish; corollas orange-yellow.

Discussion:Justicia filibracteolata var. aurantiaca seems to be more closely related to the variety pubescens than to the typical variety.