Monographs Details: Ormosia panamensis Benth. ex Seem.
Authority: Rudd, Velva E. 1965. The American Species of Ormosia (Leguminosae). Contr. U. S. Natl. Herb. 32(5): 279-384.
Description:Description - Tree to about 15 m. high; young stems fulvo- or aureo-sericeous, glabrate; stipules not seen; leaves 5-9-foliolate, the axis 9-17 cm. long, sparsely pubescent, glabrate, the petiole 5-8 cm. long, the pairs of leaflets 2-3 cm. apart, the petiolules 5-8 mm. long, 1-1.5 mm. in diameter, the blades subcoriaceous, elliptic to obovate-oblong, 4.5-15 cm. long, 2-5.5 cm. broad, the apex acute to breviacuminate with acumen about 1 cm. long, the base obtuse, the upper surface subglabrous, glabrate, the lower surface moderately to densely aureo- or fulvo-sericeous, glabrescent, the secondary veins scarcely raised, about 10-16 pair, essentially straight and mostly parallel, 5-20 mm. apart, forming angles of about 40 °-50 ° with the midvein; inflorescences with axes densely aureo- to fulvo-pubescent, the bracts deltoid, 1 mm. long, the bracteoles 0.5 mm. long; flowers 15-20 mm. long; calyx densely fulvo-sericeous, 8-11 mm. long, the tube 6-7 mm. long, 8-10 mm. in diameter, the teeth 3-4 mm. long; petals lilac or the standard lilac, the other petals white; fruit dehiscent, coriaceous, fulvo-sericeous, glabrate, light brown or fulvous, 1-4-seeded, septate between the seeds, but little constricted, 3-7 cm. long, about 2 cm. thick, 3-5 cm. broad including an alate margin 0.5-1.5 cm. wide, the valves 1-1.5 mm. thick, thinnest at the margin; seeds dark red, 15-17 mm. long, 9-10 mm. broad, 7 mm. thick, the hilum elliptic, about 2.5 mm. long and 1 mm. wide.

Discussion:Comparison of the types of 0. panamensis and 0. stipitata shows the two species to be identical. I am especially grateful to Mr. José, M. Roy, of David, for providing ample fruiting material so that the relative taxonomic position of 0. panamensis could be established.
Common Names:peronil, coronil