Monographs Details: Agrimonia parviflora Aiton
Authority: Kline, Genevieve J. & Sørensen, Paul D. 2008. A revision of (Rosaceae) in North and Central America.

Type: cultivated native of North America, [1766], herbarium miller s.n. annotated "Agrimonia parviflora mss." in Solanders hand (lectotype, here designated:BM)

Agrimonia suaveolens Pursh, FL. Amer. Sept. 1:336. 1814. Type: United States, Virginia Giles Co., Salt Pond Mountain, 1806, F, Pursh s.n. (Lectotype, here designated)

Agrimonia serrifolia Wallr., Beitr. Bot. 1:40. 1842. Type: United States. Without precise locatlity. [1833 - 1834], F. Beyrich s.n. (lectotype, here designated. PR).

Agrimonia polyphylla Urban, Symb. Antill. 7: 227. 1912. type: Dominican Republic. Prope Constanza, 1190 m, Jul 1910, H von Turckheim 3243 (lectotype, designated by V. Skalicky, 1970: W, seen by digital photo DEK; isolectotypes: BM, NY)

Phenology. Flowering from mid- July to early September (to November in the Dominican Republic)

Selected specimens examined. CANADA. ONTARIO: Middlesex Co., Westminister Twp., 1.4 km SE of Belmot P.O. 20 Aug 1990, Oldham 11698 (CAN).

UNITED STATES. ALABAMA: Tallapoosa Co., 4 miles SE of Dadeville, 19 Oct 1965, Koelling s.n. (AUA). ARKANSAS: Independence Co., jct. of roads from Lock #3 to Cushman and Batesville, Sect. 27 and 28, T14N, R8W, 23 Aug 1975, Thomas 46073 (NLU). CONNECTICUT: Fairfield Co., Fairfield, 8 Sep 1912, Eames 8623 (NEBC). DELAWARE: New Castle Co., Wilmington, 15 Aug 1898, Commons s.n. (PH). GEORGIA: Catoosa Co., 3 miles NE of Ringgold, along E-flowing tributary to Chickamauga Cr., 245 m, 8 Aug 1948, Cronquist 5603 (GA) Illinois: Winnebago CO., Rock Cut State Park, S Shore of Pierce Lake, 29 Aug 1997, Kline 355A (DEK). INDIANA: Kosciusko Co., Mineral Springs, 25 Sep 1913, Nieuwland 11636 (ND 14432). IOWA: Decatur Co., 16 Jun 1903, Anderson s.n. (MO). KANSAS: Washington Co., 4.5 miles E of Clion, 13 Sep 1952, Horr 4442 (LL). KENTUCKY: Wolfe Co., Ski Bridge, 7 miles NNE of Pine Ridge, 19 Aug 1951, Hyatt 3705 (PH). LOUISIANA: Morehouse Parish, LA 142 just S of rd. to Irvine Lake (LA 543), 24 Aug 1977, Thomas 54697 (NLU). MARYLAND: Baltimore Co., ESE of Pretty Boy Reservoir, near iron bridge on Falls Rd., 15 Aug 1971, Windler & Lombardo 3735 (ILLS). MASSACHU- SETTS: Berkshire Co., Sheffield, marsh E of jct. of Rannapa and Bull Hill roads, along small stream flowing E of Housatonic R., 27 Oct 1989, Weatherbee 2844 (NEBC). MICHIGAN: Lenawee Lenawee Co., Woodstock Twp., under power line W of Round Lake Hwy. and N of Sanford Rd., 2 Aug 1986, Smith 1808 (MICH). Mis- SISSIPPI: Prentiss Co., 3.7 miles E of Baldwyn, S side of MS 366, 7 Aug 1967, Temple 6222 (MISS). MISSOURI: St. Louis Co., St. Louis, 1832, Drummond s.n. (BM, K). NEBRASKA: Thayer Co., Alexandria Lake, 9 Aug 1973, Churchill et al. 2311 (NLU). NEW JERSEY: Bergen Co., West Englewood, Aug 1917, MacKenzie 7952 (PH). NEW MEXICO: Santa Fe Co., 1847, Fendler s.n. (BM). NEW YORK: Monroe Co., Town of Irondequoit, Irondequoit Bay Park, 7 Oct 1989, Schotz 350 Dup (NYS). NORTH CAROLINA: Catawba Co., about 4.5 miles W of Propst by farm pond at Camp Cr., 8 Sep 1958, Bell 14930 (NCU). OHIO: Scioto Co., Camp Gordon, C. C. C. Friendship, Turkey Cr. bottoms, 4 Aug 1934, Demaree 10803 (OS). OKLAHOMA: Choctaw Co., Soper, 19 Aug 1981, Magrath 11986 (OCLA). PENNSYLVANIA: Warren Co., Allegheny National Forest, 3.5 miles SW of Cherry Grove at gate on Forest Rd. 419, ca. 560 m, 11 Sep 1983, Grisez 657 (CM). SOUTH CAROLINA: Cherokee Co., ca. 3 miles S of Gaffney on W side of SC Hwy. 285, 13 Nov 1985, Nelson 4437 (USCH). TENNESSEE: Humphreys Co., Hurricane Cr. by US 70 bridge just Wof Dickson Co. line, 20 Aug 1986, Kral 73612 (VDB). TEXAS: Hemphill Co., ca. 4 miles NE of Canadian on rd. to Lake Marvin, 6 Oct 1964, Correll 30218 (LL). VIRGINIA: Prince Edward Co., W side of Farmville, 2 Sep 1959, Kral 9398 (VDB). WEST VIRGINIA: Marion Co., near New England, Fairmont, 11 Aug 1907, MacElwee s.n. (PH)

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. AzUA: en El Valle del Yuque del Sur, 1300 m, Aug 1912, Fuertes s.n. (BM, GH). LA VEGA: at La Posigla on rd. from Constanza to Jarabacoa, ca. 350 m, 13 Nov 1928, Ekman 14119 (GH). SAN JUAN: Parque Nacional Ramirez, proximo a la Caseta del Parque Nacional en el fondo del Valle de Tetero, 70º56' N, 18º59' W, 1480-1500 m, 23 Jun 1988, Zanoni and Garcia 41569 (MO).

ARGENTINA. JUJUY: Dep. La Capital, Cerro de Zapala, 2110 m, 27 Jan 1971, Fabris 8235 (MO)

We have occasionally seen one to several mature fruit with an elongated narrowly campanulate hypanthium on an herbarium specimen or on a plant cultivated in the garden at Northern Illinois University. An achene was lacking in these fruit, the ovary having aborted. We have not observed in any other Agrimonia species the formation of apparently mature fruit with an atypical hypanthium shape and that lacked an achene.

Agrimonia parviflora is accurately and easily identified by mid-cauline leaves with 9-13 narrowly elliptic major leaflets usually with an acuminate apex that give it a distinctive appearance. Vegetative material of those infrequent plants of A. parviflora with only acute major leaflets might be mistaken for A. pubescens, but is distinguished by the presence of numerous sessile, glistening glandular hairs on the leaflet abaxial surface.