Monographs Details: Sipanea
Authority: Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr. 1997. Manipulus Rubiacearum-VI. 49: 354-379.
Scientific Name:Sipanea

Bertiera palustris A. Rich. ex DC., Prodr. 4: 392. Sep 1830; Mem. Fam. Rub. 174. Dec 1830; Mem. Soc. Hist. Nat. Paris 5: 254. 1834. TYPE: FRENCH GUIANA. In paludosis vivis, lutosis sylvarum, inter Conana et Yneri, L. C. M. Richard s.n. (HOLOTYPE: P-n.v. [Field Museum of Natural History Photograph 37285]).

While preparing the protologue of the following new species of Brazilian Sipanea, an earlier specific epithet for S. wilson brownei was discovered. Steyermark (1967) excluded Bertiera palustris from the genus Bertiera, and commented that "the speci- men [type of B. palustris] obviously pertains to another genus, but at the present time I am unable to assign it to a definite genus." Robbrecht et al. (1993) referred to it again as a "species of uncertain generic position." In my opinion, S. wilson brownei and B. palustris are the same species. The epithet palustris has priority over wilson-brownei, and so must be transferred to the genus Sipanea.