Monographs Details: Vanilla pompona Schiede
Authority: Christenson, Eric A. 1995. Type Specimens of Orchidaceae Conserved at the Komarov Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia(LE). 47: 31-43.
Scientific Name:Vanilla pompona Schiede

TYPE: MEXICO. Schiede & Deppe 1043 (LECTOTYPE, designated by Garay, 1978: BM!; ISOLECTOTYPES: LE!, P!).

Although Schiede did not cite specimens, only Schiede & Deppe 1043 is known to be preserved, and it must be considered the type collection. The three sheets of this col- lection known to me are sterile. The BM collection was effectively designated as the lectotype by Garay (1978) following the retroactivity of the most recent ICBN.

Vanilla pompona is endemic to Mexico and probably adjacent Guatemala (Soto Arenas, pers. comm.). Through widespread and erroneous application of the name, however, V. pompona has been reported from localities throughout the Neotropics from as far south as Bolivia (Hamer, 1984). Most of the specimens from South America previously identified as V. pompona are referrable to V. grandiflora Lindl., which is based on a type from French Guiana (Martin s.n., K). No flowering material of V. pompona is known from either historic specimens or recent observations. Vanilla pompona has very distinct, large, broadly ovate leaves (the LE specimen has leaves 8.4 cm wide) with a subcordate base.