Monographs Details: Notylia microchila Cogn.
Authority: Christenson, Eric A. 1995. Type Specimens of Orchidaceae Conserved at the Komarov Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia(LE). 47: 31-43.
Scientific Name:Notylia microchila Cogn.

TYPE: BRAZIL. Bahia: Luschnath s.n. (HOLOTYPE: LE; ISOTYPE: LE).

Notylia amesiana Smith & Harris, Contr. Gray Herb. 17:40. 1937, syn. nov. TYPE: GUYANA. Between the Demerara and Berbice Rivers, ca. 5ยบ50'N, J. S. de la Cruz 1674 (HOLOTYPE: AMES!; IsoTYPE: NY!).

Notylia parvilabia C. Schweinf., Bot. Mus. Leafl. 12: 203, t. 26. 1946, syn. nov. TYPE: PERU. Junin: Chanchamayo Valley, 1200 m, J. Schunke 2054 (HOLOTYPE: F!).

Other than minor differences in leaf measurements, these three concepts appear to be conspecific. Notylia microchila differs from other species in the genus by its very small labellum with a blade consistently 1 mm long.