Monographs Details: Epidendrum hagsateri Christenson
Authority: Christenson, Eric A. 1995. Type Specimens of Orchidaceae Conserved at the Komarov Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia(LE). 47: 31-43.

TYPE: MEXICO. Oaxaca: Sierra de San Felipe, 7500 ft, 14 Jun 1894, C. G. Pringle 4728 (HOLOTYPE: NY!; ISOTYPES: AMES!, BR, CM, E, F, G, LE!, M, MEXU, MINN, P!, PR!, S!, UC!, US!, W, Z).

Species haec E. parkinsoniano Hook. similis ab ea foliis 3-5 et labello non profunde lobato differt.

Examination of the holotype of Epidendrum pugioniforme Regel shows that taxon to be conspecific with E. parkinsonianum Hook. (q.v. Hagsater, 1 990a). The narrowly restricted Mexican endemic (from Guerrero and Oaxaca), previously thought to represent E. pugioniforme Regel (q.v. Hagsater, 1990b), appears to be undescribed. I take this opportunity to describe this new species in honor of Eric Hagsater (AMO), whose contributions have transformed our understanding of Mexican orchids and the genus Epidendrum.

The following paratypes are collections not cited by Hagsater (1990b)

MEXICO. Guerrero: Chilpancingo, Parque Ecologico Estatal Omiltemi, ca. 27 km W de Chilpancingo, Plan de Potrerillos, ca. 2400 m, 25 Jun 1985, G. Sa- lazar 775 (AMO). Oaxaca: Cerro de San Felipe, 29 Mar 1970, G. Pollard 2D-190-101 (MEXU); from Oaxaca-town towards Mt. San Felipe, 18 May 1932, J. Richards & H. Sawyer 2745 (AMES, F); Varado, 1 Jun 1963, G. Kennedy s.n. (UC); Zimatlan de Alvares, Zimatlan, Valles Centrales, 3 km NW de Sta. Ma. Lachixio, 2000 m, 9 May 1993, S. Salas M. 539 (AMO).