Monographs Details: Encyclia citrina (La Llave ex Lex.) Dressler
Authority: Christenson, Eric A. 1995. Type Specimens of Orchidaceae Conserved at the Komarov Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia(LE). 47: 31-43.

Cattleya karwinskii Mart., Ausw. merkw. Pfl. 2: 14, t. 10. 1830. TYPE: MEXICO. Karwinski s.n. (NEOTYPE, designated here: Mexico, Oaxaca, Pedro Nolasca, Karwinski s.n., LE).

Apparently no specimen was preserved by Martius. A Karwinski collection in the Fischer Herbarium at LE, undoubtedly representing the original population introduced to horticulture, is selected as the neotype. It is labeled "Cattleya karwinskii Lindley" on the original label and is the only specimen known to me to be identified by this otherwise obscure horticultural name.