Monographs Details: Solenidiopsis Senghas
Authority: Bennett, David E. & Christenson, Eric A. 1994. New Species and New Combinations in Peruvian Orchidaceae. Brittonia. 46 (1): 24-53.
Scientific Name:Solenidiopsis Senghas
Description:Genus Description - The genus Solenidiopsis was established by Senghas (1986) to contain S. tigroides (C. Schweinf.) Senghas, a species previously placed in an overly broadly defined Odontoglossum Kunth. Solenidiopsis is characterized by a bilobed stigma and prominent column wings. Subsequently, a second species was added to the genus (Senghas, 1989; Bennett & Christenson, 1993). In addition to the two species proposed here, we are aware of at least one additional, undescribed Peruvian species. To date, the genus remains endemic to Peru.