Monographs Details: Magnolia guatemalensis subsp. guatemalensis
Authority: Vázquez García, J. Antonio. 1994. Magnolia (Magnoliaceae) in Mexico and Central America: A Synopsis. 46: 1-23.

Local names: "magnolia" (Standley & Steyermark 1946); "mamey" (Steyermark 42540).

Representative specimens examined: GUATEMA- LA. Alta Verapaz: large swamp, E of Tactic, 20 Feb 1942 (fl), Steyermark 44010 (F, GH, NY, US), 14 Apr 1941 (fl), Standley 91583 (F, NY), 92299 (F, GH), 92385 (F), 92401 (F); along Rio Frio, between Tactic y Santa Cruz, 14 May 1963 (fl), Molina & Molina 12229 (F, NY, US); grown at the U.S. National Ar- boretum from J. McDaniel(s?) No. 4 scion brought from Tactic, Coban, in 1964 and grafted onto M. virginiana x M. grandiflora, Feb 1968 (fl), Eisenbeiss s.n. (NA acc. No. 26489) (NA); property of Mr. Christopher Heamstead, Finca Chipoc, about 2.5 km from Coban [this could be authentic material derived from Tuerckheim's type collection ofM. guatemalensis, made ca. 50 years earlier], Dec 1966 (fl, fr), Donald s.n. (NA); Finca Chipoc, Cobatn, 9 Jun 1967, (fl), SnedakerE-161 (F). Baja Verapaz: near Pantin, Purulha, 15º18'N, 90º15'W, Williams et aL 40658 (F, NY, US). Guatemala: Guatemala, Aguilar 646 (F). Quiche: Quiche, 1942 (fl), Aguilar 844 (F). Santa Rosa: Santa Rosa, 28 May 1904, Cook & Doyle 259 (US). Zacapa: Sierra de Las Minas, upper slopes, along Rio Repollal to summit of mountain, 12-13 Jan 1942, Steyermark 42540 (F); between Cerro de Monos and upper slopes of Monte Virgen, 17 Jan 1942, Steyermark 42893 (F).