Monographs Details: Magnolia grandiflora L.
Authority: Vázquez García, J. Antonio. 1994. Magnolia (Magnoliaceae) in Mexico and Central America: A Synopsis. 46: 1-23.
Scientific Name:Magnolia grandiflora L.

Magnolia grandiflora L., Syst. Nat., ed. 10, 2: 1082. 1759. Magnolia virginiana var. foetida L. Sp. P1. 536. 1753 (fide Little, 1979). Magnoliafoetida (L.) Sarg., Gard. and Forest 2: 615. 1889. Many additional synonyms in Dandy (unpubl. ms.). TYPE: U. S. A. South Carolina and Georgia: of unknown location and habitat [there is no specimen in the Linnean herbarium] (LECTOTYPE, designated here: Tab. 1721 in Miller (1757)).

In his original description of M. grandiflora, Linnaeus cited three references as follows: "Mill. ic. 172. Catesb. car. I. t. 61. Trew. ehret. t. 33." These refer to plate 172 in Miller (1757), plate 61 in Catesby (1738), and plate 33 in Trew (1752). The first, Mil- ler's plate 172, is selected as the type in lieu of a specimen, as suggested by Dandy (un- publ. ms.).