Monographs Details: Magnolia dealbata Zucc.
Authority: Vázquez García, J. Antonio. 1994. Magnolia (Magnoliaceae) in Mexico and Central America: A Synopsis. 46: 1-23.
Scientific Name:Magnolia dealbata Zucc.

Magnolia dealbata Zucc., Abh. Akad. Wiss. (Miinchen) 2: 373, Tabs. 3 & 4. 1837. Eloxochitl Hernandez, Nov. P1. Anim. Mineral. Mex. Hist. 376. 1651. M. tripetala Sesse & Moc., Fl. Mex. ed. 2: 133. 1884, non M. tripetala (L.) L. M. macrophylla var. dealbata (Zucc.) D. L. Johnson, Baileya 23(1): 55-56.1989. TYPE: MEXICO. Oaxaca: "Crescit in imperii mexicani sylvis prope Rincou [Rincen, Villa Alta] locis declivibus temperatis 2- 3000 pedes [600-900 ml supra oceanum elevatis. Floret februario, maturat fructus eodem mense ani sequentis." Karwinski s. n. [verified by Dandy, unpubl. ms.] (HOLOTYPE: B-n.v.; ISOTYPE: G-n.v., represented in the original description by truly magnificent illustrations).

As early as 1837, when Zuccarini first described M. dealbata, he was aware of various morphological differences between M. dealbata and M. macrophylla, not just the single difference reported by Johnson (1989). Additional major differences are provided by Vazquez-G. (1990). Thus, given the consistent differences plus their correlation with geography, I prefer to retain M. dealbata as a separate species.