Monographs Details: Dalea pennellii var. chilensis Barneby

A var. pennellii vix nisi petalis epistemoneis luteis (nec livide purpureis) et dispersione in altis provinciae chilensis Tarapaca (nec in Peruvia adjacenti) diversa.

Habit of var. pennellii, but epistemonous petals yellow

TYPE: CHILE. PROV. TARAPACA: Depto. Iquique, alto de Parca (20º01'S, 69º12'W), 3000 m, 18 Oct 1965, M. Ricardi, C. Marticorena & 0. Matthei 1378 in CONC 51834 (HOLOTYPE: NY).

Additional specimens seen: CHILE. PROV. TARAPACA: Parca, Cord. Quebrada de Quipisca, Mar 1926, E. Werdermann 1112 (F, K, NY, US); Camino de Zapahuira a Putre, 4 May 1972, M. Ricardi et al. 134 in CONC 51835 (NY

Werdermann's collection of var. chilensis, which has no perfect flowers, was referred provisionally in my monograph (Barneby, 1977, p. 371) to D. pennellii, otherwise known only from the slopes of El Misti in Arequipa, Peru. Two finely flowering collections received from Prof. Marticorena show that the epistemonous petals in the Andes of Tarapac'a are bright yellow, in strong contrast to the vivid amethyst-purple of Peruvian var. pennellii. A parallel heterochrome var. sulfurea (Ulbrich) Barneby is known in D. cylindrica of northern Peru. Each of these yellow- flowered varieties has a range of dispersal distinct from its purple counterpart