Monographs Details: Picramnia xalapensis Planch.
Authority: Thomas, Wm. Wayt. 1988. A Conspectus of Mexican and Central American Picramnia (Simaroubaceae), 40: 89-105.

Picramnia xalapensis Planch., in Hook. London J. Bot. 5: 577. 1846. TYPE: MEXICO. "In montibus prope Xalapam," Galeotti 3506 (HOLOTYPE: K, ISOTYPES: K, NY-fragment, P).

Picramnia xalapensis is apparently restricted to Veracruz and adjacent parts of Puebla and San Luis Potosi. It is to be found in moist shady forests, particularly on slopes above streams. It is unique in having terminal paniculate inflorescences, pentamerous flowers with reddish petals, and small leaves with 15 to 23 leaflets.