Monographs Details: Picramnia latifolia Tul.
Authority: Thomas, Wm. Wayt. 1988. A Conspectus of Mexican and Central American Picramnia (Simaroubaceae), 40: 89-105.
Scientific Name:Picramnia latifolia Tul.

Picramnia latifolia Tul., Ann. Sci. Nat. S6r. III, 7: 258. 1847. TYPE: COLOMBIA. "Crescit ad ripas fluminis Rio Seco," J. Goudot s.n. (HOLOTYPE: P).

P. longissima Tul., Ann. Sci. Nat. S6r. III, 7: 257. 1847. TYPE: COLOMBIA. "Crescit juxta Coya yama, J. Goudot Herb. prop. no. 20 (HOLOTYPE: P).

P. umbrosa Seeman, Bot. Voy. Herald 168. 1854. TYPE: PANAMA. Seeman 600 (HOLOTYPE: BM).

P. macrostachys Klotzsch ex Engl. in Mart., Fl. Bras. 12(2): 238. 1874. TYPE: GUYANA. ". . . ad ripas fluminis Sururui," R. Schomburgk 1464 (photo of type formerly at B: A, F, MICH, MO, NY).

P. eosina Macbride, Publ. Field Mus. Nat. Hist., Bot. Ser. 13: 697. 1949. TYPE: PERU. SAN MARTIN: Juanjui, Klug 3837 (HOLOTYPE: F; ISOTYPES: MO, NY, S).

One of the commonest species in South America, Picramnia latifolia is found in Central America only in Costa Rica and Panama, with collections from disjunct locations from Honduras and Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a plant of moist forests and has rather large leaves, pentamerous flowers, cauliflorous racemes, and usually subsessile fruits.