Monographs Details: Picramnia deflexa W.W.Thomas
Authority: Thomas, Wm. Wayt. 1988. A Conspectus of Mexican and Central American Picramnia (Simaroubaceae), 40: 89-105.

TYPE: MEXICO. Chiapas: Mpio. San Cristobal de Las Casas, 17.5 km SE of San Cristobal on rd. to Comit'an (Mex. 190), open disturbed pine-oak woodland on slope, 2000 m, 27 May 1985, W. Thomas & J. L. Villasenior 3652 (HOLOTYPE: NY; ISOTYPES: MEXU, MO, SPF).

Additional specimens examined: MEXICO. Chiapas: Mpio. Amatenango del Valle, near center of Amatenango, 23 Aug 1965, D. Breedlove 12141 (F), S of center of Amatenango, 5 Sep 1966, A. S. Ton 1115 (ENCB), on highway S to Las Rosas, 3.2 mi S of jct. with Mex. Hwy 190, 27 Jan 1979, T. Croat 46485 (MO), edge of forest at St. Nicholas, 22 Aug 1957, R. Alava 1366(DS), without specific locality, 12 Jun 1945, E. Matuda 15824 [labels also stamped 5824 or 5800] (F, MICH, MO); Mpio. COMITAN, 2 mi NW of Comitan, 20 Aug 1972, G. Webster 17953 (CAS); Mpio. IXTAPA, below Burrero on rd. from Zinacantan Center to Ixtapa, D. Breedlove 52406 (CAS); MPIO. PUEBLO NUEVO SOLISTAHUACAN, near Clinica Yerba Buena 3 km NW of Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacan, 11 Jul 1972, D. Breedlove 26033 (DS, MICH, MO, NY); Mpio. OCOZOCOAUTLA DE ESPINOSA, 3 km N of Ocozo- coautla along rd. to Mal Paso, 1 Feb 1972, D. Breedlove 23911 (DS), same locality, 19 May 1972, D. Breedlove 25262 (MO); Mpio. LAS RoSAS, 2 mi NW of Pinola Las Rosas along rd. to Teopisca, D. Breedlove & P. Raven 13151 (DS, ENCB, F); Mpio. SAN CRIST6BAL LAS CASAS, steep slope on Cerro Ecatepec SW of San Crist6bal, D. Breedlove 22965 (DS), San Felipe, Mount Ecatepec, 3 mi W of San Cristobal, 31 Mar 1949, M. Carlson 1650 (CAS, F, MICH), 17.5 km SE of San Crist6bal along Mex. Hwy 190, 14 Jan 1973, D. Breedlove & A. Smith 31555 (MO), valley cut SE of Las Casas, 21 Apr 1945, E. Alexander & E. Hernandez X. 1198a (CAS, F, MICH, MO, NY, US), same locality, 1198b (CAS, NY); Mpio. TEOPISCA, 10 km N of Teopisca along Mex. Hwy 190 near Rancho Belem, 21 Oct 1981, D. Breedlove 53774 (ENCB), Mex. Hwy 190 ca 26 mi E [SE] of San Crist6bal de Las Casas, 20 Sep 1978, W. D'Arcy 12101 (MO); MPIO. VENUSTIANO CARRANZA, 3 mi S of Aguacatenango along rd. to Pinola Las Rosas, 17 Oct 1965, D. Breedlove & P. Raven 13446 (ENCB, F, MICH), 3 mi S of Aguacatenango along rd. to Pinola Las Rosas, 22 Jul 1965, D. Breedlove 11180 (DS, ENCB, MICH); MPIO. ZINACANTAN, wooded slope at Paraje Vo'bits, 11 Mar 1966, R. Laughlin 409 (ENCB, US).

This species is characterized by deflexed, coriaceous to subcoriaceous leaflets with a dense puberulence, a cuneate base, a revolute margin, and a midrib and secondary veins which are often adaxially sunken. It is apparently restricted to Chiapas, Mexico, where it is found between 1150 and 2500 m on slopes with Quercus and Pinus. It appears to be most closely related to Picramnia antidesma subsp. fessonia with which it occasionally intergrades

This species has long been identified as P. tetramera Turcz., the type of which is clearly a specimen of P. antidesma subsp. fessonia. Admittedly, this specimen is more strongly puberulent than normal for this taxon and the leaflets are somewhat deflexed. On the other hand, the leaflets are chartaceous, flat, and mostly ovate.