Monographs Details: Picramnia antidesma subsp. nicaraguensis W.W.Thomas
Authority: Thomas, Wm. Wayt. 1988. A Conspectus of Mexican and Central American Picramnia (Simaroubaceae), 40: 89-105.
Description:Species Description - Arbuscula vel frutex 2-5 m alta, subsp.fessoniam simulans sed foliola 3-5 et baccae siccae attenuatae et plerumque longitudinaliter rugosae. Planta glabra vel glabrata; foliola plerumque elliptica vel ovata; foliolis basi +/- symmetrice cuneatis vel attenuatis; foliolum terminale 8-13 x 3-4.7 cm, foliola lateralia distalia 7.5-11 x 2.5-4 cm. Small tree or shrub, 2-5 m tall, glabrous to glabrate. Leaves with 3-5 leaflets; rachis including petiole (of larger leaves) 7.5-13 cm long, the petiole alone 2-4 cm long; leaflets elliptic to ovate or occasionally narrowly so, +/- chartaceous, apices acuminate to slightly caudate, bases cuneate to attenuate and +/- symmetrical; larger leaves with terminal leaflet 8-13.5 x 3-4.7 cm and larger lateral leaflets 7.5-1 1 x 2.5-4 cm. Flowers unknown. Infructescences racemose, terminal or subterminal, drooping to pendent, 8-22 cm long with ca 20-40 flowering nodes; pedicels 8-12 mm long, 0.4-0.7 mm wide at middle and widening to no more than 1 mm at the sepals, usually +/- cylindrical at insertion into calyx, articulating just above base; sepals of fruit 4, persistent, triangular, 0.7-1 mm long, 0.7-1 mm wide at base, +/- ciliate, declinate or horizontally disposed, apex rounded; berry 1.3-2 (2.5) x 0.7-1.1 (1.5) cm, usually with 4 evident longitudinal creases at least when dry, constricted at base above sepals, the epidermis when dry irregularly rugose, the apex tapering to an acute point topped by a persistent bilobed stigma; stigma lobes recurved, each lobe 0.3-0.7 mm long.


TYPE: NICARAGUA. Matagalpa: Valle Palcila, 13º00'N, 85º56'W, elev. approx. 1200-1300 m, arbusto, 2 m alto, frutos rojos, 20 Feb 198 1, P. Moreno 7000 (HOLOTYPE: NY; ISOTYPE: MO).

Additional specimens examined: NICARAGUA. Boaco: Cerro Alegre, 5 km al NE de San Jose de los Remates, 1160 m, 4 Dec 1984, P. Moreno 25118 (MO, NY), al E de Cerro Alegre, 900-1000 m, P. Moreno 20340 (MO, NY), Monte Azul, San Jos6 de los Remates, 1000-1200 m, 12 Feb 1983, P. Moreno 20280 (MO, NY), Mpio. de San Jos6 de los Remates, 670-700 m, 2 Oct 1984, P. Moreno 24837 (MO, NY); Chontales: ca 2.8 km above (N of) Cuapa, 400-500 m, 21 Jan 1978, W. D. Stevens 6057 (MO, NY), P. C Vincelli 12 (MO); Matagalpa: Cerro al NW de primer campamento en finca Tepeyac, N de ciudad Matagalpa, 800-1000 m, 25 Feb 1982, J. C. Sandino 2324 (MO, NY), Cordillera Dariense, 1 km S of Aranjuez, 1400 m, D. Neill 3029 (MO), El Trebol, 7 km al S de Peiias Blancas, carretera a El Tuma, 800-900 m, P. Moreno & W. Robleto 20546a (MO), Cerro Matapalo, 9 km de Matagalpa carretera a El Tuma, 1000-1100 m, P. Moreno & W. Robleto 20473a (MO, NY).

This subspecies is unique in its low number of leaflets and its long, attenuate berries which are usually longitudinally creased when dry. It is uncommon and is often found along streamsides in montane, often evergreen forests in the central highlands of Nicaragua from 400 to 1400 m elevation. As yet, no material of this subspecies has been seen in flower or from elsewhere in Central America.