Monographs Details: Picramnia antidesma subsp. fessonia (DC.) W.W.Thomas
Authority: Thomas, Wm. Wayt. 1988. A Conspectus of Mexican and Central American Picramnia (Simaroubaceae), 40: 89-105.

Picramnia fessonia DC., Prodr. 2: 66. 1825. TYPE: MEXICO. "Fessonia dependens, fl. mex. ic. ined." (HOLOTYPE: Hunt Library acc. no. 6331.946; ISOTYPE: F).

P. antidesma var. pubescens Schlt. & Cham., Linnaea 6: 427. 1831. TYPE: MEXICO. "In sylvis Jalapensibus," Schiede & Deppe 1328 (not seen).

P. andicola Tul., Ann. Sci. Nat. S6r. III, 7: 265. 1847. TYPE: MEXICO. VERACRUZ: Galeotti 3502 (HOLOTYPE: P; ISOTYPE: G).

P. bonplandiana Tul., Ann. Sci. Nat. Ser. III, 7: 266. 1847. TYPE: MEXICO. VERACRUZ: "Crescit juxta Xalapam. . .," Bonpland s. n. (HOLOTYPE: P).

P. lindeniana Tul., Ann. Sci. Nat. Ser. III, 7: 266. 1847. TYPE: MEXICO. "Oritur ad ripas fluminis Puyatapengo haud procul a Teapa," Linden s.n. (HOLOTYPE: P).

P. tetramera Turcz., Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat. Mosc. 36: 598.1863. TYPE: MEXICO. Botteri s.n. (HOLOTYPE: G; PROBABLE ISOTYPES: P-2 sheets).

P. quaternaria J. Donn. Smith, Bot. Gaz. 20: 3. 1895. TYPE: GUATEMALA. ZACATEPtQUEz: slopes of Volcdn Fuego, Donnell-Smith 2568 [published as 2562] (LECTOTYPE, here designated: US no. 1364993; ISOLECTOTYPE: US no. 1364995).

P. seemanniana Griseb. in Loesner, Bull. Herb. Boissier 7: 552. 1899. TYPE: MEXICO. CHIAPAS: E. Seler no. 1836, nomen.

P. brachybotryosa Donn. Smith, Bot. Gaz. 46: 110. 1908. TYPE: GUATEMALA. ALTA VERAPAZ: "In sylvis prope Coban ... June 1907," H. von Turkheim II 1801 (HOLOTYPE: US; ISOTYPE: US).

P. pistaciaefolia Blake & Standley, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 20: 218. 1919. TYPE: MEXICO. OAXACA: B. P. Reko 3452 (HOLOTYPE: US no. 842534).

P. locuples Standley, Publ. Field Mus. Nat. Hist., Bot. Ser. 17: 372. 1938. TYPE: HONDURAS. Comayagua, Yunker, Dawson & Youse 6006 (HOLOTYPE: F; ISOTYPE: NY).

P. velutina Lundell, Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 7: 17. 1942. TYPE: MEXICO. CHIAPAS: Santa Rosa near Esquintla, E. Matuda 4229 (HOLOTYPE: MICH; ISOTYPES: A, F, MO, NY).

P. alleni D. Porter, J. Arnold Arbor. 54: 315. 1973. TYPE: PANAMA. COCLE: Hunter & Allen 538 (HOLOTYPE: MO; ISOTYPES: F, G, GH, K, NY, P, US).

Picramnia antidesma subsp. fessonia is the most common and variable taxon of Picramnia in Mexico and Central America. This variability, particularly in flower merosity, leaflet number and shape, and features of the indument, is re- sponsible for the long list of synonyms. Of these, P. pistaciaefolia (including P. locuples and P. velutina) deserves mention. Further collecting eventually may show that this element, often distinguishable by much smaller and more numerous leaflets, warrants recognition as a distinct taxon. I have chosen to retain it within subsp. fessonia because there appears to be a complete intergradation in leaflet size, shape, and number between typical fessonia and the pistaciaefolia type. The inclusion here of P. tetramera is discussed under P. deflexa.