Monographs Details: Goodyera tasselata Lodd.
Authority: Gleason, Henry A. & Cronquist, Arthur J. 1991. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. lxxv + 910 pp.
Scientific Name:Goodyera tasselata Lodd.
Description:Species Description - Intermediate in most respects between nos. 2 [Goodyera oblongifolia Raf.] and 4 [Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br.], and very probably of alloploid origin; plants 1.5–3.5 dm; scape with 3–5 bracts; lf-blades mostly 2–5.5 cm, variably white-reticulate, the extremes approaching the putatively ancestral spp.; galea 4–7 (avg 5) mm; lip 3–5.5 mm, shallowly saccate, the pouch longer than deep; anther acuminate, somewhat surpassed by the 0.6–1.7 mm rostellar beak; 2n=60. Rich coniferous or hardwood forests; Nf. to se. Man., s. to N.J., Md., O., Mich., Wis., and Minn. July, Aug. (Epipactis t.; Peramium t.)

Common Names:alloploid rattlesnake-plantain