Monographs Details: Couepia martinii Prance
Authority: Prance, Ghillean T. 1972. Chrysobalanaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 9: 1-410. (Published by NYBG Press)
Scientific Name:Couepia martinii Prance
Description:Latin Diagnosis - Arbor vel frutex?, ramulis juvenilibus glabris lenticellatis. Folia alternata, petiolata; petiolo 10.0-12.0 mm longo; lamina elliptica, 14.0-25.0 cm longa, 6.0-10.5 cm lata, basi plus minusve cuneata, apive in acuminem brevem ad 8.0 mm longum contracta, superne glabra, subtus sparse araneoso-griseo-tomentosa; costis secundariis 10-12 jugis, subtus prominentibus. Stipulae parvae, caducae. Flores in picem axillarem densiflorem ubique sparse ferrugineo-tomentosam dispositi. Bracteae bracteolaeque ad 17.0 mm longae, ovatae, acutae. Receptaculum cylindri-cum, 20.0-25.0 mm longum, extus brunneo-tomentosum, intus prope faucem pilis longis deflexis, versus basim glabrum. Calycis-lobi acuti. Petala 5, decidua, glabra, praeter margines ciliolata. Stamina plus minusve 65, in orbem completum disposita. Ovarium villosum. Stylus e basi ovarii ortus, dense pilosus. Fructus mihi ignoti.

Discussion:The material of this species has been erroneously filed in herbaria under the name Couepia parillo, but it does not resemble that species. Although C. martinii is one of the species of Couepia with large persistent bracteoles, it is nevertheless distinct. The inflorescence is completely different from the paniculate one of the C. bracteosa species group which it resembles in flower structure. It may be distinguished from other species with spiciform inflorescences by the long tubular receptacle bearing large bracteoles at the base, as well as by the shape and size of the leaves.

The labels of some of the specimens examined are marked "collected by H. F. Talbot and deposited in the Sims Herbarium." This is almost certainly the same Martin collection from the pirated Martin specimens described by Stearn, Bull. Jard. Bot. Brux. 27: 243. 1957.
Distribution:Cayenne French Guiana South America| French Guiana South America|