Monographs Details: Penstemon acuminatus var. latebracteatus N.H.Holmgren
Authority: Pavlik, Bruce M. & Barbour, Michael G. 1988. Demographic monitoring of endemic sand dune plants, Eureka Valley, California. Biol. Conserv. 46: 217-242.
Description:Latin Diagnosis - A var. acuminato floris plerumque minoris corolla 11-15 (nec 15-20 raro 14) mm longa, antherarum thecis 0.7-1 (nec 0.9-1.5) mm longis, calyceque 4.5-6.5 (nec 5-10) mm longo diversa.

Species Description - Plains and desert valleys in sandy soils, often on dunes, in sagebrush and shad-scale communities, 600-1400 m (2000-4600 ft) elevation. Western Snake River Plains in Idaho from Lincoln, Jerome and Twin Falls cos. westward to Owyhee, Canyon, Payette and Washington cos., southwest through Malheur and Harney cos., Oregon and south through Humboldt Co., Nevada to northern Mineral Co. (Fig. 9). May-June.


(Fig. 8)