Monographs Details: Polygala birmanica (Kuntze) Chodat

Heterosamara birmantica 0. Ktz. Rev. Gen. P1. 47. 1891.

Polygala triphylla Ham. forma imonstrosa Benn.; 0. Ktz. I.c. in syn.

Polygala heteroptera Benn.; 0. Ktz. I.e. in syn

Kuntze 's description was based on his own No. 6286 from Moulmein, Burma (Britton Herbarium, New York Botanical Garden, and Herb. Kew), and Parish 442 from the same locality, Herb. Kew. Craib (Fl. Siam. Enum. 1: 100. 1925) erroneously placed it as a synonym of Polygala cardiocarpa Kurz. Dr. Moldenke and Mr. Fischer, who recently examined the several sheets at Kew, identified as P. cardio- carpa Kurz, and which seem to be identical with Kuntze's specimen, report that in every case the name cardiocarpa has been crossed out and an annotation added by Craib "this is not cardiocarpa. " Chodat 's extensive note should be consulted; he gives a greatly detailed descrip- tion (p. 127) based on Krtntze 6286, leaving the species in the section Semeiocardimrnt in the alliance with Polygala tiiphylla Ham. and P. glaucescens Royle.