Monographs Details: Mazus lecomtei Bonati
Authority: Li, Hui-Lin. 1954. The Genus Mazus (Scrophulariaceae).
Scientific Name:Mazus lecomtei Bonati

Mazus lecomtei var. ramosus Bonati, Bull. Herb. Boiss. II. 8: 539. 1908. The type was a collection of Delavay: "Habit Yuntian. (Herb. Mus. Paris)." Delavay s. n., here cited, may be of this collection.

A species of the high altitudes of northwestern Yunnan. It has a compact rosette of densely hirsute leaves. The species is related to M. japonicus and M. delavayi. The species varies in having either the scapes branched or not, a character used by Bonati to differentiate his variety ramosus, but which I think is scarcely warranted.