Monographs Details: Pleurozia heterophylla Steph. ex Fulford
Authority: Steyermark, Julian A. & Maguire, Bassett. 1972. The flora of the Meseta del Cerro Jáua. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 23: 833-892.
Description:Latin Diagnosis - Caulis foliaceus ad 10 cm longus, ochraceus plus minusve purpurascens validus, pauciramosus, ramis longis arcuatis vel breviter ramulosis; folia caulina conferta, disticha, bilobata, apicibus incisis, basibus appendiculatis vel cum spinis; folia brevia ramulina magna inflata, saccata et explanata dimidia; cellulae foliorum suprae 35-50 × 20-26 µ, trigone maxime nodulosis; sterilis.

Species Description - Leafy stems from a creeping caudex, robust, to 10 cm or more long, the tips curved, with leaves 5-8 mm broad, light brown to purple above, becoming dark brown below; leafy branches long, erect, like the stem or short, with shorter leaves with large, inflated watersacs. Leaves patent, ovate bilobed to one-half, to 5 mm long, 3-5 mm broad at the base, the keel winged, the lobes ovate, the ventral lobe a little smaller, the apices incised and coarse-toothed, the dorsal base appendiculate-incised, the ventral base with a few coarse teeth; cells of the apical part of a lobe 35-50 × 20-26 µ, the trigones very large, knot-like, rarely coalesced, the cell lumina stellate, the cuticle verruculose: leaves of the short branches shorter, the one half plane, rounded above, the other half a large inflated watersac with the characteristic sunken trap-valve. Male and female inflorescence and perianth not seen.


Fig 2.

Habitat. Epiphytic on tree trunks.

Stephani studied this species and illustrated it in his lcones Hepaticarum but unfortunately did not publish a description.