Monographs Details: Psychotria deflexa subsp. cubensis Steyerm.
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1972. The botany of the Guayana Highland--part IX. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 23: 1-832.
Description:Latin Diagnosis - A subsp deflexa inflorescentiae axibus lateralibus inferioribus plerumque bis furcatis recedit; floribus magis confertis aggregatis; corolla hypocrateriformi 4.5-6.5 mm longa, tubo 3-4.5 mm longo.

Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Cuba and Haiti, West Indies. CUBA. Camp La Barga to Camp San Benito, alt 450-900 m, 22-26 Feb 1910; La Perla to Santa Ana, alt 660 m, 11 Feb 1911, Shafer 8595; Plancha trail, Mensura to Woodfred, Oriente, 4 Feb 1910, Shafer 3883; vicinity of Camp Benito, Oriente, alt 900 m, 24 Feb 1910, Shafer 4045; Camp La Gloria, across Sierra Moa, to Moa Bay, Oriente, 31 Dec 1910-1 Jan 1911, Shafer 8293; Sierra de Cristal prope Río Sebisa, Oriente, alt 650 m, 4 Mar 1916, Ekman 6780; Bandera trail, Sierra Nipe, near Woodfred, Oriente, alt 450-550 m, 24 Dec 1909, Shafer 3282; same locality, 10 Jan 1910, Shafer 3504; Camp La Gloria south of Sierra Moa, Oriente, 24-30 Dec 1910, Shafer 8236; Navas to Camp Buena Vista, Oriente, alt 650 m, 23 Mar 1910, Shafer 4437; Sierra de Imías, Punton del Mate, alt 1230 m, 17 Jul-4 Aug 1924, Bro. Leon 12198; Moa Bay, east of Río Moa, Oriente, 2-3 1911, Shafer 8358, 8362; Wright 236; Jiquarito Mt., Sierra Maestra, Sevilla Estate, near Santiago, alt 1030 m, 18 Sep 1906, Taylor 499; same locality, 16 Sep 1906, Taylor 436. HAITI. Massif de la Hotte, western group, Camp Perrin, northern slope of Morne Vandervelde, alt 900 m, 2 Dec 1925, Ekman 5222; Massif de la Hotte, western group, Tiburon, Morne Sentier, alt 750 m, 26 Aug 1928, Ekman 10591.


Type. La Perla, Oriente, Cuba, 6-18 Feb 1911, J. A. Shafer 8805 (holotype NY).

This subspecies differs from typical subspecies deflexa in the subsalverform instead of subinfundibuliform, longer corolla, and the usually twice-forked lower axes of the inflorescence with the flowers more crowded into more compact units near the ends of the ultimate axes. The stipular teeth (1-4.5 mm long) average shorter than in the other collections from Cuba and other parts of the West Indies of subsp deflexa.