Monographs Details: Randia asperifolia (Sandwith) Sandwith
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1972. The botany of the Guayana Highland--part IX. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 23: 1-832.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. British Guiana. Groete Creek, Lower Essequibo River, 21 Apr 1943, Fanshawe 1258.


Basanacantha asperifolia Sandw., Kew Bull. 1932: 470. 1932.

Type. Moraballi Creek, Essequibo River, 27 Sep 1929, N. Y. Sandwith 344.

This taxon is characterized by the combination of minutely asperous upper leaf surface with hirtellous midrib bearing spreading hairs, the lower midrib and lateral nerves moderately hirsutulous with spreading hairs, which are also found on the surface, the prominently venose-reticulate lower leaf surface, the spreading pubescence on the staminate pedicels and calyx tube, the slender calyx lobes pubescent without and glabrous within, and the elongate corolla with glabrous exterior of the tube and rounded lobes.

Distribution:Guyana South America|