Monographs Details: Rhynchospora junciformis (Kunth) Boeckeler
Authority: Maguire, Bassett. 1972. The botany of the Guayana Highland--part IX. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 23: 1-832.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Distribution. Rather rare in the Guianas and adjoining northeastern Brazil. VENEZUELA. Bolívar: Llanos E of Caño Azul, 420 m alt, Wurdack & Guppy 187 (NY). GUYANA. Mt. Roraima and vicinity, Tate 7 (NY). SURINAME. Wilhelmina Gebergte, Zuid River, ca 25 km above confluence with Lucie River, 270 m alt, Maguire et al 53967 & 53969 (NY). Amazonas: Río Casiquiare, Vasvia and Pacimoni, Spruce in 1853-4 (NY). BRAZIL. Amapá: between Rios Cujubim and Frechal, Pires & Cavalcante 52381 (IAN, NY), Frechal, Luetzelburg 21046 in part (M), Mamay, Luetzelburg 21158 in part (M), Bom Fim, Luetzelburg 21154 (M); Pará: Vera Cruz, Luetzelburg 20655 (M); Amazonas: Rio Branco, Surumu in Serra de Mairary, Ule 8370 (B).


Dichromena junciformis Kunth, Enum. PI. 2: 279. 1837. Type. Poiteau 110, Jul. 1824 (C, holotype; isotypes in K, P) from French Guiana.

[Spermodon edentulus Nees (Linnaea 9: 296. 1834. Nomen nudum) ex Steudel, Syn. Pl. Glumac. 2: 138. 18SS. Superfluous name published with earlier valid name.]

[Rhynchospora edentula H. Pfeiffer, Repert. Sp. Nov. 23: 345. t. 38, f. 1. 1927. Superfluous name published with earlier valid name.]

Rhynchospora junciformis B√∂ckeler var monocarpa K√ľkenthal, Bot. Jahrb. 56(Beibl. Nr. 125): 19. 1921. Type. Ule 8370 (B) from Serra Mairary, Amazonas, Brazil.

Type. Poiteau 110 (C, K, P) from French Guiana.

The collections by Spruce and by Wurdack cited above constitute a new record of R. junciformis to the flora of Venezuela.

Distribution:Guyana South America| Brazil South America| Venezuela South America| Suriname South America|