Monographs Details: Pleragina odorata Arruda
Authority: Prance, Ghillean T. 1966. New and interesting Connaraceae from South America. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 15: 129-132.
Scientific Name:Pleragina odorata Arruda

Arruda’s Description. An oval or oblong drupe, very little smaller than a hen’s egg, it is yellow at maturity. The kernel is covered with a sweet aromatic and nutritive pulp. The common name is “Oiti da Praia.”

Identity. Miers (1880) did not suggest the identity of this species. I am in agreement with Barbosa Rodrigues (1895) that P. odorata is Licania (Moquilea) tomentosa (Benth.) Fritsch. This species has an oval drupe with a thick endocarp and a fleshy edible mesocarp. L. tomentosa is a native of northeastern Brazil, and is grown widely throughout northern Brazil as a shade plant. Many cities have L. tomentosa planted along the avenues because of its spreading crown. Both Hooker (1867) and Britten (1896) identify P. odorata with Couepia uiti, but Arruda’s description fits Licania tomentosa much better.