Monographs Details: Stryphnodendron polystachyum (Miq.) Kleinhoonte
Authority: Irwin, Howard S. 1966. Contributions to the botany of Guiana. III. Leguminosae Mimosoideae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 15: 96-111.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - BRAZIL. Amapa: Rio Oiapoque, Irwin, Pires & Westra 48381. SURINAME. Wilhelmina Gebergte, Irwin, Prance, Soderstrom & Holmgren 55179; VENEZUELA. Delta Amacuro: Serrania Imataca, Steyermark 89747 and 88865; Bolivar: Altiplanicie de Nuria, 89243.


Piptadenia tocantina Ducke.

This species, previously known only from Suriname (Brownsberg, Surinam Woodherbarium 1747), British Guiana (Lower Essequibo R., Groete Creek, Forest Dept. of British Guiana 3990), and Venezuelan Guiana (Delta Amacuro: Serrania Imataca, Wurdack & Monachino 39700) probably occurs almost throughout Guiana. The cited Amapa collection is a first report from that territory.

In addition, it should be noted that Froes 1875, collected in the Maracassume region of Maranhao, Brazil, and distributed as Piptadenia tocantina, is clearly referable to the present species. One record, British Guiana 5711 (distributed as P. tocantina) from the Kanuku Mountains, exists for S. polystachyum in Guayana.

S. polystachyum is distinguished from the very similar S. flammatum Kleinh. by its 8-14 pairs of opposite leaflets, in contrast to 14-18 pairs, all but the ultimate pair subopposite or alternate, in the latter species.

Distribution:Brazil South America| Suriname South America| Venezuela South America|