Monographs Details: Nectandra kaburiensis Kosterm.
Authority: Allen, Caroline K. 1966. Contributions to the botany of Guiana. II. Lauraceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 15: 53-95.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Tree to 30 m, with coarse, angular branchlets covered with dense, fulvous-yellowish, sericeous tomentum, becoming darker with age, the leaves broadly elliptic, heavily coriaceous, borne on robust petioles, the nervation deeply impressed. Reported from Trinidad as well as the Guianas, and possibly occurring in Venezuela.VENEZUELA. Anzoategui: woods along Rio Leon by Quebrada Danta, tributary of Rio Neveri, northeast of Bergantin, Julian A. Steyermark 61004 (fl. F). BRITISH GUIANA, rainforest, Nabuwak, Kanuku Mts. For. Dept. WB 189 (5677) (fl., NY), WB 384 (5798) ( NY).


Type. Kaboerie, Suriname, Tree No. 649 (B. W 5901) 10-7-22, (holotype, fl., fr. U).

Vernacular Name. Kiroa (British Guiana) .

Possibly the species is found in the sandstone areas of Venezuela as well as in the northern state of Anzoategui. En bosque alterado al SE de Sta. Elena, Bolivar, A. L. Bernardi 6723 (y. fr. NY), 6791 (fr. NY) ; en la selva tupida en el margen del Medio Caura, La Cuchara, Ll. Williams 11514 (fl. F). The species, closely associated with N. surinamensis is distinguished by the broader leaves, more heavily coriaceous in texture (also with deeply impressed venation) the lateral nerves confluent near the margin, the more robust petiole, and the heavier tomentum of branchlets and inflorescences. Cultivated material, collected by W. E. Broadway in Trinidad, 5115 (MO), in flower, 5504 and 5510 (TRIN), in flower and fruit respectively, represents this species. The two latter numbers were cited by Urban (see preceding species).

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Guyana South America| French Guiana South America|