Monographs Details: Aiouea guianensis Aubl.
Authority: Allen, Caroline K. 1966. Contributions to the botany of Guiana. II. Lauraceae. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 15: 53-95.
Scientific Name:Aiouea guianensis Aubl.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - A small tree to 8 m, with slender, glabrous panicles, belonging to subg. Euaiouea Mez, frequently found in Suriname and French GuianaFRENCH GUIANA. Riviere Tampoc, M. Lemoine 7871 (fl. NY) .


Type. Aublet, s.n. French Guiana, locality unknown. Vernacular Name. (Taki-Taki): Bitichikim-Apici (French Guiana). (holotype, fl. photo. GH).

Kostermans combined A. rubra A. C. Smith, known only from the type collected in Amazonas, Brazil, with this localized species. Aiouea rubra appears to be only a more robust representative of A. guianensis, but a more careful examination shows the buds of the A. guianensis to be fulvous-tomentose and rather inconspicuous; those of A. rubra are clothed with a tomentum showing almost white against the dark red branchlets. The flowers of A. rubra are larger and the leaves more consistently oblong to oblong-lanceolate. To underline this distinction is the fact that the type of the A. rubra was collected on varzea land.

Distribution:Suriname South America| French Guiana South America|