Monographs Details: Asplenium radicans var. cirrhatum (Willd.) Rosenst.
Authority: Morton, Conrad V. & Lellinger, David B. 1966. The Polypodiaceae subfamily Asplenioideae in Venezuela. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 15: 1-49.
Description:Species Description - Blades once-pinnate only, with the pinnae entire or merely toothed, not or scarcely auriculate, and mostly light yellow-green in color.

Distribution and Ecology - Widespread in the American tropics; in Venezuela in the states of Nueva Esparta, Aragua, Yaracuy, Merida, Bolivar, and Amazonas, at elevations from 450 to 2400 m. Guayana Highlands distribution. VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Amuri-tepui, Chi-manta Massif, Steyermark & Wurdack 1362 (US); locally frequent at base of falls, Upper Falls of Rio Tirica, above Summit Camp, Chimanta Massif, 1940-1950 m, Steyermark & Wurdack 527 (US) ; wooded steep slopes in last forest before base of bluff, Ptari-tepui, 2285-2405 m, Steyermark 59594 (US). Amazonas: On bluffs, Cerro Duida, along Cano Negro, 305-1095 m, Steyermark 57983 (US); in high montane forest 3 km south of Camp 3, Cerro de la Neblina, 900 m, Maguire et al. 36883 (US).