Monographs Details: Symplocarpus
Authors:Robert Francis Cox Naczi
Scientific Name:Symplocarpus
Description:Genus Description - Fls perfect, covering the subglobose spadix, this subtended and mostly enclosed by a fleshy, ovate, pointed spathe; perianth of 4 erect, connivent tep; stamens 4; ovaries buried in the spadix, unilocular, uniovulate; style stout, 4-angled, subulate; seeds embedded in the enlarged, spongy spadix, covered by the persistent perianth and style. Perennial, long-lived herb from a thick, erect, elongate corm; proximal portion of spathe underground, with very short peduncle, the lvs appearing later and becoming very large. 2-4 spp., the others e. Asian.