Monographs Details: Hippochaete variegata Farw.
Authority: Farwell, Oliver A. 1916. The genus Hippochaete in North America, north of Mexico. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 6: 461-472.

Equisetum variegatum Schleich. Cat. Helvet. 27. 1807.

This species, in its typical form, is common on sandy or gravelly shores on the Keweenaw Peninsula, a tongue of land 60 miles in length, stretching northeasterly into Lake Superior. It is associated with H. laevigata and Equisetum limosum. I have seen no indications that either this or the variety anceps is injured by frost in this state and they are certainly evergreen.

Keweenaw Peninsula, Mich., Farwell 211, May 30, 1885. This species may be looked for north of 42°. It prefers the borders of cold streams and ponds.