Monographs Details: Imeria memorabilis (Maguire & Wurdack) R.M.King & H.Rob.
Authority: Pruski, John F. 1990. Compositae of the Guayana Highland -III. New taxa of Imeria and Mikania (Eupatorieae). Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 64: 239-247.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Trees to 2 meters insavanna-like forest between Serra Pirapucu andRio Maturaca (ca. 0°40'N, 66°08'W0 Amazonas,Brazil (Fig. 2), this being the first report of thespecies in Brazil. K n o w n only from the type collection,which was in bud in January and was made at 600 m elevation. This locality is immediatelysoutheast of Serra da Neblina and onlya few kilometers from the Venezuelan border.Thus, var. densesericea should also be expectedto occur in Venezuela.


Type. BRAZIL. Amazonas: Savanna-like forest on a hill between Missao Salesiana [?=Missao de Maturaca] and Serra Pirapucu, Rio Maturaca [ca. 0°40'N, 66°08'W], 600 m , 14 Jan 1966, N. T. Silva & U. Brazao 60831 (holotype NY!; isotypes M G ! , M O ! , US!, YEN!). Cum var. memorabili congruens, sed foliis infeme valde sericeis aureis (nee puberulis glandulosis viridulis) diversa.

The collection upon which this variety is based is in bud only, but nevertheless is readily referable to J. memorabilis. The typical variety has leaves that are puberulent and obviously glandular below. The major veins of the leaves of var. memorabilis are sometimes sericeous below and the leaf undersurfaces are pale green. This is in contrast to the leaves of var. densesericea, which are very densely and evenly sericeous below, these hairs thereby completely obscuring the midrib and any glands that may occur in the areoles. The dense silky pubescence persists on mature leaves and imparts a golden or bronze color to the leaf undersurfaces.

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Brazil South America|