Monographs Details: Koellensteinia graminea (Lindl.) Rchb.f.
Authority: Schweinfurth, Charles. 1967. Orchidaceae of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 14: 69-214.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - BRAZIL. Amazonas: Upper Rio Negro basin, Rio Dimiti, at the base of Cerro Dimiti, epiphyte, flowers fragrant, sepals and petals white, sepals with brown cross stripes, lip yellow with transverse brown stripes and two white lobes, column yellow. May 12-19, 1948, R. E. Schultes & F. Lopez 9911. BRITISH GUIANA. Camonnie Creek, G. S. Jejiman 2028. Koreai Creek, flowers red, January 2-9, 1924. COLOMBIA. Amazonas-Vaupes: Soratama, Rio Apaporis, between Rio Pacoa and Rio Kananari, 250 m alt., epiph) te, flowers yellow with transverse brown stripes on sepals and petals, June 16, 1951, R. E. Schultes & I. Cabrera 12523; same locality, Rio Apaporis, Cachivera de Jirijirimo and vicinity, about 250 m alt., epiphyte, flower yellow with the base of sepals having brown stripes, September 16, 1951, Schultes & Cabrera 14080. VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Junction of Rfo Uaiparii and Rio Blanco, G. C. K. Dunstei-ville 471; Urimdn, rain forest of Rfo Chirca, 300-550 m alt., epiphyte, July 13. 1953, Bernardi 772 Bis; Region of Urimdn, 400-450 m alt., terrestrial, near the margins of Rfo Apdcara, August 13, 1954, Bernardi 1408. Amazonas: Cerro Duida, in forest at base of southeastern slopes, along Caño Negro (tributary of Caño Iguapo), 260 m alt., epiphyte, leaves subcoriaceous and dull green, sepals and petals pale greenish yellow often with transverse lavender bands or blotches, lip pale greenish yellow, August 28-29, 1944, J. A. Steyermark 58088; Cerro Sipapo (Pardque), December 1948, B. Maguire & L. Politi s.n.; left bank of Rio Siapa just above Raudal Gallineta (about 110 river km from mouth), along black-water cafio, 130-140 m alt., frequent epiphyte, petals yellowish barred with chocolate, July 23, 1959, J. J. Wurdack & L. S. Adderley 43595. ECUADOR, PERU and BOLIVIA. The type of Maxillaria graminea was from BRITISH GUIANA.


Maxillaria graminea Lindl., Bot. Reg. 21: sub t. 1802. 1836.

Distribution:Guyana South America| Brazil South America| Venezuela South America| Ecuador South America| Peru South America| Bolivia South America|