Monographs Details: Ascolectus
Authority: Samuels, Gary J. & Rogerson, Clark T. 1990. New ascomycetes from the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 64: 165-183.
Scientific Name:Ascolectus
Description:Genus Description - Ascomata apothecialia, discoidea, subiculo paUido insidentia. Paraphyses angustissimi, ca. 1 Atm lati, nonseptatae, inter ascos dispersi, pauci ramosi apicem excepti ramosissimi, rami terminali brevi et uncati. Asci cyUndrici, bitunicati J—, in hymenio gelatino sparsi. Ascosporae filiformae, septatae, hyalinae. Status anamorphicus ignotis. Ascomata apothecioid, discoidal, seated in a light colored subiculum. Paraphyses very narrow, ca. 1 Atm wide, nonseptate, dispersed among asci, unbranched or infrequently branched except much branched apically; branches short, hooked. Asci cylindrical, bitunicate, J—, in a gelatinous hymenium. Ascospores filiform, septate, hyaline.


Type species: Ascolectus albus Samuels & Rogerson

Etymology: Asco = ascus + lectus = bed, meaning a bed of asci in reference to the apothecia appearing as small beds of asci in the white subiculum