Monographs Details: Duradens lignicola Samuels & Rogerson
Authority: Samuels, Gary J. & Rogerson, Clark T. 1990. New ascomycetes from the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 64: 165-183.
Description:Genus Description - Ascomata immersa, erumpentia, conica, nigra; m u m s ascomatis carbonaceis, basim angustis angustis, lateralis latissimus et durus. Asci unitunicati, apice annulo refractili, nonchitinoideo, iodo noncoerulescenti provisi. Paraphyses simplices, septatis, ad apicem liberis. Ascomata immersed, becoming erumpent, conical, black; wall carbonaceous, very thick except at base. Asci unitunicate with a refractive, non-chitinoid, J-, refractive apical ring. Ascospores filiform, aseptate or infrequently septate. Paraphyses unbranched, septate, apically free


Type Species: Duradens lignicola Samuels & Rogerson Etymology: Dura = hard + dens = tooth, in reference to the very hard, tooth-shaped ascomata.