Monographs Details: Catasetum macroglossum Rchb.f.
Authority: Schweinfurth, Charles. 1967. Orchidaceae of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 14: 69-214.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Gran Sabana, at the base of Mt. Roraima, 1185-1280 m alt., in woods bordering stream tributary of Rio Kukendn, peduncles erect, basal, greenish white, pedicels pale green, sepals pale greenish with brownish spots near the base, petals erect and similarly colored, lip fleshy and subcoriaceous, hood-shaped, without dull brown-orange in center and deep yellow in outer half, within orange-yellow in outer half, orange in center Avith crowded brown spots, column dull yellow with yellow appendages, September 24, 1944, J. A. Steyermark 58568 (called "muramu" or "cebolleta"). ECUADOR (type).

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Ecuador South America|