Monographs Details: Polyporus gallinaceus Berk. & Cooke
Authority: Rogerson, Clark T., et al. 1990. Fungi collected by Bassett Maguire and collabora tors in the Guayana Highland, 1944-1983. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 64: 130-164.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - VENEZUELA. Amazonas: Rio Ventuari, 3 km belowLas Carmelitas, elev. 200 m, on dead log, 20 Feb1951, RSC & JJW 31584 [MPKF]; along Rio Casiquiare between Rio Siapa and Rio Paciba, elev. 120 m, on rotten log, 19 Apr 1953, B M & JJW 35731[MPKF].SURINAM. Nassau Mountains, Plateau A, MarowijneRiver, forest slopes and summit, in bauxite forestat N end of Line 15, elev. 400-550 m, on dead log, 4Jan 1955, RSC & JCL 5975

The specimens 31584 and 35731 were cited by Fidalgo and Fidalgo (1968: 23, figs. 17, 18). Polyporus gallinaceus is a synonym of Microporellus obovatus according to Ryvarden and Johansen (1980). Dennis +

Distribution:Venezuela South America| Suriname South America|