Monographs Details: Caularthron bicornutum (Hook.) Raf.
Authority: Schweinfurth, Charles. 1967. Orchidaceae of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 14: 69-214.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - BRAZIL. Amazonas: Rio Negro, December 21, 1945, R. L. Froes 21541. BRITISH GUIANA. Essequibo River, December 1886, Jenman 3590, 7761; Cuyuni River, islet at the Akaio Falls, "epiphyte at about 15 feet; roots in dense clusters. Fl. shallow, cup-shaped like an Anthericum, pedicels mauve. Fl. resupinate. Pet. and sep. pure white, with striations. Stele at base and all labellum spotted with purple. Humps of label, and depression between them and stele yellow, spotted with purple. Label, otherwise white," November 25, 1929, N. Y. Sandwith 685. COLOMBIA. Vaupes: Rio Negro, El Castillo (San Felipe), flowers white with sepals delicately pink-tinged, lip yellow spotted with brown, very fragrant, December 12, 1947, R. E. Schultes ir F. Lopez 9335a. VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Mt. Roraima, Kwaimatta Savanna, autumn 1894, McConnell & Quelch 280; near junction of Rio Icaburii and Rio Uaiparii, G. C. K. Dinisterville 399; Rio Carrao, first rapids above Salto Hacha, Dunsterville 363 (peloric). Amazonas: Upper Orinoco, Chaffanjon 517 (fide Maury); Puerto Ayacucho (ex Arrigo Righi), Dunsterville 399; Rio Cunucunuma, Rio Orinoco, along river about 1 km above Culebra (north base of Duida), 200 m alt., epiphytic, "tepals white, slightly flushed with rose outside; lip white with sprinkling of purple dots; erect lip spurs apically yellow," December 24, 1950, B. Maguire, R. S. Cowan & J. J. Wurdack 30385; Rio Guainia, occasional epiphyte along the river near Maroa, 120-140 m alt., on dead tree in large clumps, pseudobulbs hollow, ant-infested, "Tepals white, pink-flushed; lip white, basally with purple speckling, the erect spurs yellow; column pinkish with purple speckling basally," November 27, 1953, B. Maguire, J. J. Wurdack & G. S. Bunting 36431; Rios Pacimoni-Yatua, Casiquiare, in sabanita 50 k m above the mouth of Rio Pacimoni, 100-140 m alt., infrequent epiphyte, "Perianth white; lip minutely purple-maculate; stylopodium flushed purple at base," November 27, 1953, Maguire, Wurdack & Bunting 36667; same locality and altitude, near Piedra Catipan, occasional on branches of tree, November 30, 1953, Maguire, Wurdack & Bunting 36481. TOBAGO and TRINIDAD (type of Epidendrum bicornutum).


Epidendrum bicornutum Hook., Bot. Mag. 61: t. 3332. 1834.

Distribution:Brazil South America| Venezuela South America| Guyana South America| Trinidad and Tobago South America|