Monographs Details: Epidendrum nocturnum Jacq.
Authority: Schweinfurth, Charles. 1967. Orchidaceae of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 14: 69-214.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - BRAZIL. Amazonas: upper Rio Negro basin, Rio Dimiti, at base of Cerro Dimiti, epiphyte, flowers greenish yellow with white lip. May 12-19, 1948, R. E. Schultes & F. Popez 9919; same locality and date, flower pink with white lip, Schultes & Lopez 9935; Rio Curicuriari, Cerro Cujubi and vicinity, epiphyte, flowers white, fragrant, January 22-24, 1948, Schultes ir Lopez 9643; Taracua, Alto Rio Negro, flowers greenish with a white lip, blooming in March, G. Hiibner 181. BRITISH GUIANA. Yarikita Police Station, along Amakura River near junction of Yarikita River, on overhanging dead tree, January 17-18, 1920, A. S. Hitchcock 17626, 17646; upper Rupununi River near Dadanawa, lat. 2°45'N., epiphyte, flowers white and yellow. May 28, 1922, J. S. De La Cruz 1377; vicinity of Bartica on the Essequibo River, lat. 6°25'N., flowers white or creamcolor and white, September 3-12, 1922, De La Cruz 1926, 1974, 1879; upper Mazaruni River, long, about 60°10'W., flowers white, September 22-October 6, 1922, De La Cruz 2238; Essequibo River, right bank at the first falls, epiphyte sepals and petals "olive-biscuit," lip white having lateral lobes streaked with brownish lines, September 10, 1929, NY. Sandioith 227; Mazaruni Station, near the settlement, epiphyte on Mango, flowers "pale greenish-biscuit," lip white with two sharp yellow ridges at base, August 22, 1937, Sandwith 1166; Kaieteur Plateau, on rocks in dry places, frequent, tufted, flowers greenish with white lip. May 3, 1944, B. Maguire & D. B. Fanshawe 23173. COLOMBIA. Vaupes: confluence of Macaya and Ajaju Rivers, Mt. Chiribiquete with quartzite base, summit 246-369 m above forest floor, 526-646 m alt. above sea level, sepals brownyellow, petals white with yellow at base, lip white, May 15-16, 1943, R. E. Schultes 5470; same locality. Upper Apaporis basin, Rio Macaya, Cerro Chiribiquete, about 369 m above floor of forest or 646 m alt. above sea level, epiphytic on sandstone rocks, flowers brownish green with white lip, July 24, 1943, Schultes 5630. Amazonas: Trapecio amazonico, Amazon River watershed, Loretoyacu River, about 100 m alt., epiphyte, flowers lemon-yellow March 1946, Schultes 7180A. Vaupes: Rio Guainia basin, Rio Naquieni, vicinity of Cerro Monachi, epiphyte, flowers yellow with a white lip, June 1948, R. E. Schultes & F. Lopez 10059. Amazonas-Vaupes: about 250 m alt., Rio Apaporis, Cachi\era de Jirijirimo and surroundings, epiphyte, flowers brownish white with column and lip purple-white, June II, 1951, R. E. Schultes & I. Cabrera 12371; same locahty and altitude, sepals green-yellow, petals and hp white, June 10, 1951, Schultes & Cabrera 12495; same locality, Rio Apaporis, between Rio Pacoa and Rio Kananari, Soratama, about 250 m alt., epiphyte, sepals brownish violet, petals white, lip brownish, June 21, 1951, Schultes ir Cabrera 12775; same locality and altitude, flowers green, August 20, 1951, Schultes ir Cabrera 13694. Vaupes: Rio Kuduyari, Cerro Yapobodd, about 450 m alt., epiphyte in savanna forest, flowers brownish with white lip, October 5, 1951, Schultes ir Cabrera 14206; same locality, Rio Karurii (tributary of Rio Vaupes), Mesa de Yambi, savanna Goo-ran-hoo-da with quartzite base, about 250-300 m alt., lat. 1°20'N., long. 71°20'W., terrestrial, sepals greenish brown, petals white, April 15-16, 1953, Schultes ir Cabrera 19148; same locality, Cerro de Yapoboda, at headwaters of Rio Kuduyari, about 180 m alt., in savanna among scrub, August 15, 1960, L. A. Garay 106. SURINAM. Tafelberg, in Savanna No. 1, vicinity of Camp No. 1, infrequent terrestrial in shallow bogs, flowers white, August 3, 1944, B. Maguire 24217; same locality, in Savanna No. VIII, frequent on open rocks and in thickets, flowers white, August 21, 1944, Maguire 24434. VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Auyan-tepui, 2200 m alt., December 1937, G. H. H. Tate 1211; same locality, F. Cardona 233, 246; same locality, Alto Caroni, 2100 m alt., January 1949, Cardona 2738; same locality, "Region El Oso," Pannier ir Schwabe 1820; same locality, cumbre de la parte sureste del brazo noroeste (division occidental del cerro) : entre "Drizzly Camp" y "Rio Lomita Camp"; faldas secas de piedras "limonita" e igneas con arbustos y arboles esparcidos, 1800-1850 m alt., terrestrial 1 m tall, sepals pale tawny-buff within and suffused with magenta without, petals pale yellow, lip and column white. May 5, 1964, J. A. Steyermark 93441; Sororopan-tepui, crest of Cerro between east and west ends, 2255 m alt., terrestrial on rocky exposures, stems flattened, leaves coriaceous, fruit purplish, November 14, 1944, Steyermark 60114; same locality, altitude and date, leaves coriaceous, flower very fragrant, sepals creamy-yellow and flesh-buff without, petals creamy-yellow, lip white with pale yellow crest. column white, Steyermark 60133;

Distribution and Ecology - Cerro Guaiquinima, Rio Paragua, 1600-1700 m alt., in open area on slope below southeast escarpment, epiphytic on tree trunk, January 7, 1952, B. Maguire 33021; same locality and altitude, in woodland along stream-course, "North Valley," flower reddish without and white within, January 10-12, 1952, Maguire 33093; Ilu-tepui, Gran Sabana, in rocky areas in savanna between Enemesic and San Raphael, 1000 m alt., infrequent terrestrial 1.5-2 m high, flowers bronze without, yellowish within, lip white becoming red at base, March 25, 1952, Maguire 33568; Uriman region, Aprada-tepui, 1000 m alt., in high submerged plain, August 19, 1953, Bernardi 832; Uriman, Rio Avequi, in rain forest, 350 m alt., flower white, September 4, 1954, Bernardi 1685; Chimanta Massif, Torono-tepui, 2030-2150 m alt., on rock in savanna, in open dwarf forest, on north-facing slopes of summit above valley of Caño Mojado, leaves coriaceous, ascending, dull green with the midrib canaliculate above and elevated beneath, sepals fulvous-brown, petals greenish yellow, lip cream-yellow, column creamcolor with pale green at base, February 21, 1955, J. A. Steyermark ir J. J. Wurdack 1026. Amazonas: Alto Rio Atacavi, E. Foldats 3783; Alto Orinoco, Spruce 3518; Cerro Sipapo (Paraque), 1500 m alt., near Savanna Camp, December 6, 1948, B. Maguire & L. Politi 27551; same locality, 2000-2150 m alt., on South and East Rims, frequent on rocks, flowers white, January 26-28, 1949, Maguire & Politi 28635; Serrania Yutaje, Rio Manapiare, 1500 m alt., on right fork of Caño Yutaje, frequent on rocks, flowers white, February 21, 1953, B. & C. K. Maguire 35365; same locality, 1500 m alt., Cerro Coro-Coro, occasional on dry rocks, flower greenish white with white lip, March 2, 1953, B. & C. K. Maguire 35438; along Rio Orinoco, just below mouth of Rio Atabapo, 125 m alt., frequent epiphyte on tree trunks and limbs, flower pale yellow-brown without and white within, lip white with yellow callus, June 4, 1959, J. J. Wurdack & L. S. Adderley 42790; occasional along Rio Orinoco just below mouth of Cafio Yapacana, 125 m alt., epiphyte, flower pale brownish yellow and lip white with a yellow callus, June 18, 1959, Wurdack & Adderley 43062. Florida (U.S.A.), Middle America, the West Indies (type) and South America to BRAZIL, PERU and BOLIVIA.

Distribution:Brazil South America| Guyana South America| Venezuela South America| Peru South America| Bolivia South America| West Indies| United States of America North America|