Monographs Details: Pleurothallis stenocardium Schltr.
Authority: Schweinfurth, Charles. 1967. Orchidaceae of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 14: 69-214.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - BRITISH GUIANA. Chodikar Landing, 215 m alt., epiphyte on tree by river, flowers purplish, October 17, 1952, Forestry Department, Field No. G-440, Record No. 7455. VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Mt. Roraima, 1863-64, C. F. Appun 1135; same locality, about 2000 m alt., epiphyte in the lower woods, Ule 8577 (type); same locality, southwest-facing forested slopes between Rondon Camp and base of sandstone bluffs, 2040-2255 m alt., epiphyte on branch, leaves coriaceous. dull green above and paler beneath, flowers dull purple-red with lip deep wine purple-red, September 30, 1944, J. A. Steyermark 58951 (no lip present); 88 km between El Dorado and Santa Elena, L. Aristeguieta 3708, fide E. Foldats. Amazonas: Mt. Duida, Desfiladero, 2000 m alt., G. H. H. Tate 717. VENEZUELA (type) .

Distribution:Guyana South America| Venezuela South America|