Monographs Details: Hypoxylon nucigenum Henn.
Authority: Rogerson, Clark T., et al. 1990. Fungi collected by Bassett Maguire and collabora tors in the Guayana Highland, 1944-1983. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 64: 130-164.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - VENEZUELA. Amazonas: Cerro Yapacana, RioOrinoco, gold mine camp in slope forest at N W baseof mountain, elev. 200 m, 5 Jan 1951, BM, RSC &JJW 30749 (immature), 30750 (duphcate in BPI) [GJS].


According to Miller (1961: figs. 109, 137), this species is a tropical eastem Asian species; this is the first report for the N e w World, where we have found it to be c o m m o n in the Guayana Highland.

Distribution:Venezuela South America|