Monographs Details: Mycosphaerella punctiformis (Pers.) Starbäck
Authority: Rogerson, Clark T., et al. 1990. Fungi collected by Bassett Maguire and collabora tors in the Guayana Highland, 1944-1983. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 64: 130-164.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - Anamorph: Ramularia sp. (Barr, 1972).BRAZIL. Serra Cipo, 3.5 mi from Hotel Chapeu doSol, elev. 3700 ft, on Cephalostemon riedelianus (44627;Rapateaceae, NY), 19 Dec 1959, BM, C K M & JMPs.n. [GJS].


This specimen matches well the description of the species provided by Barr (1972); there is no anamorph on the collection. Mycosphaerella punctiformis is extremely common in North America, where it occurs on overwintered leaves of many different plants, leading Barr (1972) to suggest that it is an aggregate species. There are no fungi reported to occur on the Rapateaceae in Viegas' (1961) hst ofthe fungi found in South America.

Distribution:Brazil South America|