Monographs Details: Sobralia infundibuligera Garay & Dunst.
Authority: Schweinfurth, Charles. 1967. Orchidaceae of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 14: 69-214.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Auyan-tepui, cumbre de la parte norte de la sección sur (division occidental del cerro), a lo largo del Rio Churiin, vecindad del campamento sur, sureste del "Second Wall", 1690 m alt., among dry rocky exposures near zanjones, terrestrial, stem erect, 1 m tall, sepals pale green without, greenish white lavender-bordered within, petals purple-orchid, lip deep orchid with yellow crest. May 3, 1964, J. A. Steyermark 93280; cumbre de la parte central del brazo noroeste (division occidental del cerro), sabana de suelo de arenisca al sur y alrededor de avioneta de Jimmy Angel, con arbustos pequeiios esparcidos, 1800 m alt., terrestrial, 1-1.5 m tall, sepals greenish white with pale lavender margins, petals deep orchid with white at the base, lip frilled, deep orchid with golden at the base. May 7, 1964, Steyermark 93474; south flank of Auyan-tepui, Danta Flats and slopes above, about 1015-1690 m alt., also Cerro Venamo, in dwarf forest, G. C. K. Dunsterville 774; the following three collections were either sterile or with agglutinated flower, but their vegetative parts showed them to represent this remarkably characteristic species: Cerro Guaiquinima, Rio Paragua, in quebrada in lateral south drainage of "North Valley", 1700 m alt., infrequent terrestrial, 2-3 m high, "outer perianth greenish white, inner purple, lip yellowish toward base within," January 2, 1952, B. Maguire 32919 (flowers agglutinated); Chimanta Massif, northwestern part of Abacapa-tepui, on forested westfacing slopes with sandstone boulders, between Camp 2 and Camp 3, 850-1100 m alt., terrestrial on boulders, stems erect, ancipital-angled, 4—6 ft tall, leaves coriaceous, dull green above and paler beneath, April 18, 1953, Steyermark 75097 (sterile); Chimanta Massif, on plateau of southeast-facing upper shoulder of Apacara-tepui, 2100 m alt., on prominent exposed sandstone formations around swampy savannas, terrestrial, stems 5-8 ft tall, leaves erect, coriaceous, rich green and shining above and yellow-green beneath, flowers magnificent, 10-15 cm long, caducous after rain, sepals and petals rose-orchid, lip white and deep rosemagenta, June 20, 1953, Steyermark 75846 (no flower seen) ; bosque enano achaparrado sobre el hombrillo superior y la cumbre arriba de la ladera escarpada de arenisca, 1575 m alt., frequent on summit, stem 2 m tall, January 2, 1964, Steyermark & Dunsterville 92539 (no flowers seen).

Distribution:Venezuela South America|