Monographs Details: Pogonia rosea (Lindl.) Rchb.f.
Authority: Schweinfurth, Charles. 1967. Orchidaceae of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 14: 69-214.
Description:Distribution and Ecology - BRITISH GUIANA. Pakaraima Mts., Mt. Auyanganna, occasional in savanna near Chinowieng, 1000-1200 m alt., terrestrial, "outer perianth mauve, green outside, inner purple-mauve," B. Maguire, W . M. C. Bagshaw & C. K. Maguire 40623. COLOMBIA. Vaupes: Rio Vaupes, Falls of Yurupari, terrestrial, sepals pure white, petals violet, lip white with purple tracings, December 4, 1953, R. E. Schultes & I. Cabrera 19001. VENEZUELA. Bolivar: Kavanayen, terrestrial with purple flowers, T. Lasser 1821; Rio Chicanan, 2 km south of Rio Chibau, on right hand bank, 100 m alt., in low woodlands between successive savannas, plant erect, terrestrial, leaves glaucous, sepals pale green, petals and lip creamy white, lip lavender on apical margin, "calyx" creamy yellow, column white, September 1, 1962, B. ir C. K. Maguire & J. A. Steyermark 53520. Amazonas: near Maipures and other places along the Rio Orinoco, on damp cliffs. Spruce 3603; rare in Sabana Manacal, Rio Atabapo, 15 km above Guarinumo, 125 m alt., terrestrial, bud white, June 12, 1959, J. J. Wurdack & L. S. Adderley 42983 (bud) ; infrequent in sabanita 1 km east of Maroa, 130 m alt., terrestrial, flower white, July 1, 1959, Wurdack & Adderley 43272; occasional in Laja Catipdn, Rio Yatua, 120-200 m alt., terrestrial, sepals pale green without and dull pink within, petals deep pink, lip basally white and apically pink, July 10, 1959, Wurdack & Adderley 4344; occasional in Sabana Gurnard, on right bank of Caño Cumaré, Rio Atabapo, 20 km above San Fernando de Atabapo, 125 m alt., terrestrial, sepals creamcolor in bud, petals pink-tinged, August 5, 1959, Wurdack & Adderley 43763. PANAMA, Amazonian BRAZIL, PERU and TRINIDAD. The type was from British Guiana.


Cleistes rosea Lindl., Gen. & Sp. Orch. 410. 1840.

Distribution:Guyana South America| Colombia South America| Venezuela South America| Panama Central America| Brazil South America| Peru South America| Trinidad and Tobago South America|