Monographs Details: Spiranthera
Authority: Cowan, Richard S. 1967. Rutaceae of the Guayana Highland. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 14: 1-14.
Scientific Name:Spiranthera
Description:Genus Description - Shrub to tree, 1-18 m tall, the leaves alternate, palmately trifoliolate, the leaflet blades membranous. Inflorescence thyrsoid-paniculate, terminal, the flowers pentamerous, 3-5 cm long, the calyx cupular, 5-toothed, the petals free from one another, imbricate, linear. Stamens 5, fertile, the anthers linear, imappendaged. Disk cupular, the margin undulate to delate, the walls thick and rigid-fleshy. Ovary raised above the disk-margin on an obvious gynophore, deeply 5-sulcate, the style slender, the stigma capitellate. Fruit 2-5-parted, the segments 1-seeded.


Terpnanthus Nees et Mart. Nov. Act. Acad. Nat. Cur. 11: 152, 177. 1823.

Type species. S. odoratissima St. Hil.